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Publication day!!!


It's finally here. It's publication day for my sixth novel, About Us. Since my first book was published back in 2012 - wow that feels like a lifetimes ago - publication day for me is always a day of conflicting emotions. It's exciting, but terrifying. So full of joy and love from fans and other authors, but still so difficult to enjoy. It's hard to put work out there because you've spent all the time you can getting it right, working on everything from the book itself, to the cover, the blurb, the marketing, and you hope that people love it. You hope it sells enough copies. And it doesn't matter that my last two books have been my most successful to date because all I can think is, what if this fails miserably and everyone thinks it's utter drivel? Because there's a chance, right?

This is the conundrum of being a writer. I do have faith in my ability to write good books. I know I can write funny and people have loved my books in the past and given me amazing reviews...but there's still something inside of me that doubts everything I do. You'd think that by novel six I might have figured this out! Alas I haven't and I will spend the entire day biting my nails, checking my social media every minute, and watching Amazon like a hawk!

So here it is, About Us. This is the synopsis and the cover. If you fancy it, why not click on the link and give it a shot. It's only 99p in the UK and 99c in the US for publication. It's literally cheaper than chips and you might just love it (he says hopefully).

About Us

It's the story of Rosie and Pete. From the beginning until the end.

Rosie Willis isn't happy. Her once perfect marriage to husband, Pete, is falling apart, her mother is dying, and her three children are starting to feel like strangers. At forty she feels stuck, but then she meets handsome widower, Mark Hornby, and he makes her feel alive again.

As she drifts further from Pete, she gets closer to Mark, but approaching Christmas she realises she needs to save her marriage and keep her family together. Despite her feelings, she can't have an affair. Unfortunately, Pete has some news of his own that throws their marriage into doubt.

Rosie must choose a new life. There's Pete, Mark, or going it alone. It isn't easy when you're forty, when you have three kids, when you feel past it, when your mother is dying, but life isn't meant to be easy.

About Us, is out now exclusively in Amazon. You can buy it here

Until next time.


Jon X

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