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It's almost here! My sixth novel, About Us, is due for release on August 22nd and I'm very excited about it. It's always so exciting and nerve-wracking releasing a novel. Writing a novel - despite it being fiction - is like putting a piece of our soul out there for people to see. It's terrifying because I want everyone to love it as much as I do, but the truth is, not everyone will. I had such a hard time releasing my first few novels and every review that came in - good and bad - I read in trepidation. The bad reviews hurt for days, weeks sometimes, and I took it all to heart. I'm not saying I don't care now because I do - all artists, despite what we may or may not say - care about what people say about them. I think it's just human nature. It all changed for me when I started reading all the bad reviews for books I loved. One of all time favourite books, One Day, the brilliant novel from David Nicholls, has 226 one star reviews on Amazon UK. 226! I think this book is a modern classic. It's genius. And yet 226 people (out of 2239) hated it. Once I realised this, it made my one star reviews easier to deal with. Now I just accept that some people will not like my book. It's going to happen.

But...there's always a spark of hope that this book will be The One. You know what I mean. The One. The book that changes everything. Again, being a pessimistic writer, I'm always worried that the book isn't very good, will get bad reviews, sell ten copies and disappear without a trace. Thankfully it's already sold a lot more than ten copies - thanks to everyone who has already bought a copy! But my optimistic, hopeful side - because you need that too otherwise writing would be a very dark career choice - hopes that people will love it, give it amazing reviews, spread the word, and it will be a huge bestseller. I hope this is the case because of all my books, this is the one I'm most proud of. My writing is getting better and better with each book and I'm feeling more confident in what I'm trying to do. This book has everything, humour, drama, tears, laughter, raw emotion, and a twist. It's a book that's been described by a reviewer as, "This book isn't about you, it isn't about me. But strangely and oh so convincingly, it's about us." Which made me so happy to read because that's what I was trying to do, write a book that everyone could in some way to relate to and enjoy. So here's to that.

About Us will be released exclusively on Amazon worldwide on August 22nd. Pre-order your copy now!

Until next time.

Cheers - J X

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