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Why you should buy my new novel

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

With only 11 days until the release of my fifth novel, Dan And Nat Got Married, here's my final pitch as to why you should buy it. Actually, it's less of a pitch because that just sounds a bit salesy, and more of a blog about why I love it so much. And why maybe you might too.

I dreamed up the idea for, Dan And Nat Got Married, a while ago and instantly fell in love with the concept. Two people wake up in Las Vegas married, what happens next? That was basically what I wrote down in my phone notes app about a year ago. This is how it started. An idea. I didn't have any characters, ideas about what might happen next or how I might keep them together. Because let's be honest, the chances are you'd get divorced and never see each other again. It's this idea though that's so central to why the novel works - why would you even attempt to be married to a complete stranger?

I think as humans and romantics, we all like to be believe in love at first sight, the big romantic gesture, and the happy ending. Dan and Nat is a little different because it isn't love at first sight - it's actually more like, "What happened last night and who the hell are you?" - but as the story evolves we watch as they slowly realise how perfect they might be for each other, and there's more than one big romantic gesture. This book definitely delivers on the romance and if the early reviews are to be believed, it also delivers on the comedy. There's one particular scene that involves a slightly drunken sexual encounter that gets big laughs. I won't say what happens, but it's memorable, if not a bit icky.

I think the reason why I love this book so much though isn't the story, the premise, but the characters. For me this book has so many stand out, wonderful, characters. From Dan and Nat to their family, friends, work colleagues, and the small bit part characters like, The Girl on the Train. It sizzles with interesting, unique people. The characters in this book will hopefully grab you and you'll feel like you know them, care about them, and by the end of it, you'll be sad to say goodbye to them. So if you love books, TV shows, and films, with really funny, interesting characters, Dan And Nat Got Married, might just be for you. If you just fancy a really good laugh, a romantic book set in London, a rom com with real heart and passion, then this might be for you. If you love British humour and stories where people argue about excessive coasters usage - ECU, yes it's a real thing - this might be for you. If you love lots of scenes set in pubs, big weddings in English country mansions, and often worry that holding a baguette for a bit long in a Pret A Manger might give people the wrong idea, this might be for you. And the best's currently only 99p in the UK and 99 cents in the US!

I really love this book. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a romantic comedy, it's packed full of love, relationships, laughs, and all wrapped up in a lovely London bow. So get it now while it's going cheap. It might just make your year.

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Until next time.


Jon x

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