ollie fox

Ollie Fox writes gripping thrillers for fans of T.M. Logan and Louise Candlish. His first novel The Hostage will be released on 9th September 2021




The Hostage

Jamie Grant... seems to have the perfect life, but when he's taken hostage it soon becomes clear he's anything but perfect. 

Kara Grant... will do anything to get her husband home. If only to confess what she did. 

Henry Carver... an old boarding school friend wants to help. If only they knew who he really was. 

Verity Devine... Kara's sister has a dark secret and will do anything to keep it hidden. 

Sean Fowler... doesn't want to leave the hostage to die, but it's clear the plan has gone horribly wrong...


Five people.


Some with nothing to lose.


Some with everything to gain.


All with secrets to hide. 


A bit about ollie


Welcome to my site. As you've probably guessed I also write as Jon Rance. I started writing seriously in 2011, and for the last ten years I've written comedies and family dramas. But a few years ago, I realised the books I was reading were mainly thrillers. I have loved the books of T.M. Logan, Louise Candlish, Lisa Jewell, John Marrs, Sally Hepworth, Lucy Foley, and Paula Hawkins to name a few. I also loved the Netflix shows The Stranger and Safe by Harlan Coben

About a year ago, I decided to write my own thriller. I knew I wanted to set it in London, and be similar in tone and style to my favourite books in the genre. It had to be something I really wanted to read myself. The idea for The Hostage evolved slowly. I love stories where the heart of it belongs to something that happened in the past. Long lost secrets that come back to haunt you. So I put that as the main driving force in the book. 

I love thrillers about ordinary people that are forced through circumstance or bad choices to take risks and do things that are totally out of character. I basically took everything I loved about all of the books I've read, the TV shows I've watched, and put it all into this book. But the most important thing for me is the characters. I think the thriller books I've read that haven't worked quite as well are the ones where the characters aren't well written. Perhaps they have focused more on the plot with the 'shocking twist'. I think all of the characters in The Hostage have a story of their own. They all add something to the story. 

I hope you love The Hostage. It will be out in September and then my second book will be out in 2022. I already have the title, which I love, and the idea, but I'll keep you guessing for now...

- ollie fox